1950's Show for Tenant Appreciation

In Toronto's competitive real estate market, it is common for large landlords to host the employees of their commercial tenants at a tenant appreciation day.

In the summer of 2007 we were hired to feed & entertain more than 5000 such guests at 3 landlord locations in Richmond Hill, north east of Toronto.

We were to supply all food services, entertainment, period decoration, tents, tables, chairs, etc. One stop shopping.

Feeding thousands of guests during their lunch hour required careful coordination. In past years the tenants had suffered through long lineups and our client was intent on avoiding a repetition of these delays. All guests had to be served quickly.

We set up 12 identical hot food serving stations. An additional 12 salad & condiment stations drew guests away from hot food service on their way to guest seating. The movement of guests through these areas was so smooth that lineups disappeared almost as soon as they formed.

Banks of cold beverage stations, drenched in 2000 lb. of ice, kept the crowd refreshed without delay.

Dessert stations, including soft ice cream trucks, surrounded the guest seating areas for more smooth traffic flow.

1950's Show

Even though our guests were impressed with the food & it's service, the 1950's singers & dancers stole the show. Imitation celebrities included Buddy Holly, Elvis, Marilyn and Edith Piaff. To help make the show interactive our troupe of 12 costumed dancers performed swing dancing amidst the guests. With only a little encouragement many of the guests were on their feet to join in the fun. Men seemed especially eager to dance with our Marilyn.

By the end of the show our client had only one question, "Well, Gary, how will you top this next year?"

Cars & Costumes!

Songs and dances are only part of the memories of the 1950's. To help round out the experience we displayed 1952 & 1956 Ford Thunderbirds. Convertibles, of course. The cars were gorgeous, in mint condition. Hundreds of guests flocked around the cars throughout the event. Guests were invited to sit in them and be photographed.

Our servers wore ducktail haircuts, blue jeans, hoop skirts, leather jackets, bobby sox & saddle shoes.

Inflatable jukeboxes surrounded the stage. 1950's movie posters surrounded the seating area.

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