Fund Raising

When organizing and hosting a fund raising event, not-for-profit organizations must resemble those of the private sector. The key purpose of the event is to make money. This means providing a glittering evening, great entertainment, magical decor, and fantastic food to guests while still keeping a modest budget. The event coordinator has to organize these factors, performing a balancing act with quality and cost. The event committee is in charge of ticket sales, marketing the event, obtaining sponsors, deciding on a venue and theme, and establishing the budget for the entire event.

Making such an event successful while keeping expenses low and profits high is extremely difficult almost any scenario. Unless both parties - the committee and the coordinator - have solid experience with these events and know how to get the most out of them, take a careful look at the proposition. If an organization targets a net profit of $100,000.00, the overall budget for the event will be between $400.000.00 and $600,000.00 - A major undertaking for any organization, new or old, and if not planned well, the results can be disastrous.

Questions To Keep in Mind:
  • Is the suggested venue large enough?
  • Can the venue be made glamorous enough without spending too much money on the decorations?
  • Does a multi-course meal need to be served, or could it be replaced with fantastic hors d'oeuvres in a cocktail party format?
  • Depending on the time of year and time of day of the event, will the venue's existing lighting, heating, conditioning and ventilation systems be sufficient?

Years ago, a successful Hamilton-area charity organized a black tie affair inside the local Farmers Market. Because the venue could only be accessed a short while before the event, after the market had closed to the general public, the costs of moving rental equipment and catering supplies in & out of the venue were extravagant, as were the setup costs. The event was an entertainment success, but the charity made no money from it. Months of hard work and effort by dozens of volunteers had, in the end, come to nothing.

Special Events Catering is able to bring budgetary order to complete chaos, particularly for food & entertainment based events. Even if we are not called in to work with the event ourselves, we can review the budgets provided by other caterers and rental services - A task commonly requested of us.

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