Petticoat Creek Conservation Area: Located on the east side of Toronto on Whites Rd. (just east of Highway 401 & Don Valley Parkway), this huge waterfront property has a magnificent view of Lake Ontario. It is well served with parking, running water washrooms, and lighting, and is able to accommodate huge groups.

Bruce's Mills Conservation Area: Located in the northeast corner of Greater Toronto and close to both Stouffville and Richmond Hill, minutes from Highway 404, this facility is often used for weddings, golf, and baseball, and has running water washrooms. Extremely close to the new office and high-tech industrial complexes.

Boyd Conservation Area: Located on Islington Ave. in Vaughn, close to Woodbridge, this gorgeous park is 3 km north of Hwy 7. Perfect for weddings, the Boyd Conservation Area should be highlighted as the foremost wedding facility in the market.

Albion Hills Conservation Area: Located on Hwy 50 north of Bolton, just north of the GTA, this location is well known for its cross country skiing. A huge property complete with an adequate beach and swimming capacity, it is able to host very large groups at the water's edge. Hiking trails, mountain bike trails and fishing are also available. It is run by three separate public authorities which operate meeting facilities on the property. The combined capacity of these three would host conferences of four hundred to six hundred guests, complete with break out rooms, etc. The park is equipped with running water washrooms, dining facilities, power, etc.

Glenn Haffy Conservation Area: A beautiful park complete with magnificent views of the Niagara Escarpment and great Fall festivals in October. There are few amenities.

Heart Lake Conservation Area: A large facility that can accommodate a number of very large groups simultaneously. Beach, swimming, fishing and hiking are available, though there are no running water washrooms.

Black Creek Alliance: Located at Steele at Keel in the northwest corner of the city, the intersection of Highways 400 & 407 is fairly close by. The combined resources of Beatrice Ice Gardens, York University, & Black Creek Pioneer Village result in this incredible facility, perfect for huge events, trade shows, conventions, new product launches, Papal visits, and more. There is parking capacity for 13,000 cars, as well as quick access to the airport and major roads. Open spaces are abundant, and more than 500 rooms are available in residence, with break out rooms for up to 2000 people each.

Coronation Park: This large capacity park is complete with washrooms, and has a stunning waterfront view. It is located on Lakeshore Rd West, in downtown Oakville.

Lions Valley Park: Though there are no washrooms or utilities, this park has tremendous capacity. Located on Highway No. 5, west of Trafalgar Road.

Appleby College: A jewel in the crown of outdoor special event sites in southern Ontario, Appleby College is located on Lake Shore Rd., Oakville, just west of Dorval Drive. The waterfront location, mature trees, 19th century buildings and athletic facilities positively ooze old world charm. Though it is an expensive rental that needs a large event budget to justify the cost, it is worth every penny. Appleby is close to and similar in features to Benares, and is also operated by the City of Mississauga.

Lakeview Golf Course: Operated by the City of Mississauga, this golf course is located on Dixie Road, south of the QEW. A very pretty location that is more readily available for weddings during the cold weather months.

Benares Museum: Like Appleby, Benares is operated by the City of Mississauga, and is located on Clarkson Road, south of the QEW. A charming location, well provided with services, Benares is very pretty for tented weddings

Bradley Museum: Another venue operated by the City of Mississauga, Bradley is, like Appleby, close to & similar in features to Benares Museum, and is very pretty.

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