Mega Picnic

A mega-picnic is hosted by companies of more than 700 employees. These employees, together with spouses and children, combine to picnic in numbers of 2000 to 10,000. The traditional Christmas party, in this case, is insufficient: Even for an employees-only event, finding a suitable venue that can support so many people is nearly impossible. A picnic for such a company is perfect, as large parks can offer more-than-adequate space for both employees and their families.

For the mega-picnic, technique and equipment are everything. Communication, both to guests and between staff members, is crucial. Food must be served in a steady, flowing manner that minimizes the time guests spend in lineups and food spends under the heat lamp - Food should be freshly prepared, but not so fresh that guests have to stand around waiting for the next batch.

S.E.C. has worked with crowds of up to 100,000, serving up to 45,000 hot meals and 75,000 cups of hot coffee in freezing outdoor temperatures. We have also run 18 food stations simultaneously, serving over 18,000 guests and providing 400 gallons of hot water for hot chocolate. Our target of serving a crowd of 2000 in under 30 minutes is always met. While effective communication at a large picnic or other outdoor event is crucial, it is difficult to do over the roar of 2000 screaming kids and entertainers. For this reason, our catering staff are always equipped with field radios and golf carts.

At the center of S.E.C.'s outdoor operations is possibly the world's largest fry pan. This eleven foot fry pan was specially made to serve gourmet food to large crowds, and is certainly an impressive sight. With our huge fry pan and various other secret weapons, S.E.C. serves up the best outdoor menu around.

As well as being dedicated to quality food and service, S.E.C. is environmentally friendly. All of our disposable cutlery and plates are highly biodegradable, disappearing in the landfill within weeks. To receive details of the process involved in these products and of the manufacturer's specs on the paper, please contact us.

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