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It's Your Wedding - You Should Get What You Want.

Many of our tent wedding clients come to us after meeting with other caterers. When I ask what they were looking for that other caterers didn't offer, I usually hear 2 things:

  1. "There was no flexibility in their menus"
  2. "They didn't have experience with outdoor weddings"

Special Events Catering will help you plan a perfect wedding, from the venue to the menu! Our complete wedding services offer a comprehensive, trouble free approach to your day. Bring magic to the event with a horse farm wedding, a cottage wedding, or a waterfront wedding. Have a cocktail party reception after the honeymoon, for those who didn’t attend the ceremony. If guests will travel a great distance to the wedding, consider a reverse wedding and relieve the stress of a set arrival time. Our experience in planning, attention to detail and beautiful presentation all build the joy of your day.

Although a focus on budget is understandable, a wedding is not a bag of salt, to be purchased at the lowest cost. Non-financial issues will seem much more important than cost after the wedding. In years ahead you will ask yourself:

  • Did we get the wedding that we dreamed about?
  • Was the menu what we asked for?
  • Was it cooked to our standards & presented beautifully?
  • Did our guests feel well fed after dinner or were they still hungry?
  • Was dinner service attentive, cordial and competent?
  • Were our guests made to feel welcome?
  • Did the wedding look beautiful or was it missing something to complete the picture?
  • Are we happy to look back on our wedding for years?

Our clients are enthusiastic that they chose well in selecting our services.

Below are some of the menus that have worked well for us over the years. These are suggestions only; definitely not set in stone. When selecting a menu, a venue, decor or anything else, remember that it's your wedding. You should get what you want.

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Wedding Menus:

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